Crayon jockeys evaluate cloud drawings

When you want to have a drawing assessed, the best assessors are those who draw every day. The ideal assessor is a crayon jockey who has few social reservations about being critical.

Two first grade students with six combined years of experience in coloring five days a week for 180 days a year were deployed as assessors. First graders have almost no social throttle back. Pictures are cool or not. There are no points for trying hard.

Time out for a photo opportunity.

Working on sorting out the quality, higher quality slides up, lower quality slides down. The first graders get this, adults have a harder time, sliding down into unanswerable questions posed by Pirsig in Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. First graders know quality without requiring a prior explanation. Their definitions are sure and automatic, unvoiced and unvoiceable.

The judges pick their favorites. I realize that the main subject of the image on the left is a mermaid, but the mermaid is contemplating a well drawn cumulonimbus congestus on the horizon.

The best of the rest. An older judge called out the image on the right in the middle noting that clouds do not come in the colors used in that drawing. This did not phase the first grade judging crew. Reality is a such a mutable thing for them.


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