Meters per minute of latitude and longitude

In the 8:00 section we walked a line of longitude. Confused and lacking sufficient coffee, I briefly thought we could start in the parking lot. That was a fail in the modern use of the term. East went broadside into the faculty building.

Mary-ann, Regina

Starting from here was an epic fail, I mistakenly thought the parking lot edge was roughly east-west and that we could clear the northwest corner of the B building. But the due east line runs directly back towards the north faculty building. I should know this, I do know this, but I was not thinking clearly. Not enough coffee on board.

With that failure under my belt, I moved back to the "second palm" and restarted the class.

Macy at the second palm.

Callany with the surveyor's wheel, Macy studies the face of the GPS

Macy, Macksy, and Petery lead off with GPS units.

Renster and Haworth

At 11:00 I decided to retry a line of longitude. I successfully threaded a line between LRC and administration, avoiding the access ramp railing. One data point wound up under the solar panels. The line was wet, muddy, and suboptimal, but the data was solid.

The class gathers to make notes at the first one hundred foot mark.

The line was, as noted, suboptimal in terms of being flat terrain.

Headed for a close shave with the LRC building

Checking with Jonnie, 

One of the 100 foot/30 meter waypoints would land under the solar panel behind us

I would opt to stop where the grass became too long for the surveyor's wheel.

Note the gap at 180 meters - the solar panel

The northbound run was complex, but provided a longer run than the east bound line. Of course one measures arc minutes of longitude along a line of constant latitude, while the other measures arc minutes of latitude along a constant line of longitude.


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