Cloud drawing assessment

The best assessors of drawings with crayons are five year olds, the second best are six year olds.

Technically one of the judges had just turned seven eight days before the assessment.

The judges had to talk out their evaluation of the drawings.This removed instructor's bias from the process. The three were not paying attention to names on papers, just looking at whether the cloud drawing was observationally accurate, well composed, with evidence of effort and time taken to complete the drawing.

There were some strong disagreements and compromises were reached. Better drawings were moved up, towards the back in this shot. Not as well done drawings were shifted down. Compromises landed in the middle.

A couple drawings became quite contentious. The drawing Tristan thought was the best was thought not to be by the other two judges. A drawing Keeyana favored was disliked by Tristan. Marlin helped them find consensus and compromise.


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