An office without walls

My "office" at the college is a desk on one side of the open reception area in the math science division. I have sat in that open space since 2003. I like to say "My door is not only always open, I do not even have a door to close."

On Monday the ninth of February my office desktop computer rolled over and died. I had nothing of importance on the hard drive. My college email is IMAP, my files are cloud based, and all my courses use Schoology LMS. All assignments are submitted via Schoology, I am closing in on paperlessness.

I realized that the only item I use in my office is the desktop computer. There was nothing left to tether me to my office. Just a place to visit to consult the few references I have that are not yet on line.

I found I can wander campus, staying in touch with students via Schoology, email, and even FaceBook Messenger, interacting and assisting students wherever they are on campus. My Android cell top becomes my prime on line communication tool. As I walk I run into students in the library or down at the bookstore, over at the cultural huts. I provide just in time assistance and help. The old Aristotelian peripatetic school (around the patio!) comes to mind.
My new office does not just lack a door, now my office lacks walls and a ceiling. The view is spectacular. And the door is always open.


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