Marble momentum

This term I was battling a nice tropical head and chest cold. Devoid of energy and lacking much in the way of voice, I put directions on the board. I opted not to lead off with a demonstration - making this term different from prior terms. I did not run my usual "how does the penultimate marble know what to do" patter. I did have to adjust from groups of two to four to allow each group to have two stopwatches, a recorder, and a marble pitcher.

Judy Andon and Mailynda Maycry

Jasmine Santos and Mark Jones time marble runs

Jessica Reyes and Lodonna Osawa discuss measurement approaches, Marti works with Laslyn in the background



Set-up, donuts are optional

Notes from the board plus data

Group presentations focused on these two questions

Mark Jones presenting

Vanity Paul and Alex Etse jointly presenting

Mailynda presents

Jessica Reyes explains her group's findings 

Marti Henry presenting

Pernes Bernis and Malcom Tom present their findings

Pernes continuing the explanation

Lerina Nena speaks on behalf of her group

Christopherson tells the other teams what they found

Brenda Paul presenting

The directions were minimalist at best, and this term that seemed to work just fine.


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