CourseSites: How to pull up grading remarks

My students are still learning to make effective use of CourseSites. In the past I marked and handed back a hard copy of laboratory reports. The students used this feedback to improve their work. With CourseSites many of my students do not realize that I am making comments on their work, comments which they can access. The following screens show part of the path to reviewing submitted work as seen from a student's log in.

The student first clicks on the course number, SC 130. Then the student clicks on the Content option in the list on the left.

The result can be seen above. In this case the student wanted to review laboratory seven which is in the folder 07 Latitude and Longitude. Clicking on the folder above leads to an intervening screen where the student can then access their submission.

The student can see the work that they submitted, and the Grader Feedback on the right (here blurred intentionally).
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