Standing Desk

In the wake of a recent Runner's World article, Sitting is the New Smoking - Even for Runners, I returned to using a standing desk at work. I had tried one before, but I could not get the right height for my keyboard, nor an optimal distance for my monitor. My current work station has permitted a return to a standing desk.

My keyboard is up on a box that is just the right hand for me when I type while standing. My trackball is slightly low, perched atop my computer case. I will probably boost it up at some point - there are no standing desks on line.

I have been using my new rig for a week and in general I find standing useful and not too uncomfortable. 35 years of running along with over two decades of pacing while teaching have gifted me with decent standing legs.

The air cleaner seen on the floor is a relic of a time when the central air conditioning unit - now defunct and replaced by split units - pumped dust into the air. My office is in the common hallway airspace which was shared by a dust sensitive Languages and Literature chair. She and I ran air cleaners to help her. I use mine as a fan these days when I am particularly warm.

One might also note my cup of black coffee - no milk, no sugar - to the right of the desk top CPU.

There are times, especially mid-afternoon, when I do want to sit. To add spice to my sitting I am using a stability ball, 65 cm. I rather like the ball - I can fidget and wiggle to my heart's content. The evidence does not suggest a stability ball is any better than a desk chair and, from an ergonomic standpoint, may be far worse, but I sure enjoy the ride. I guess what I really want is a treadmill desk, they do not impact work quality but they cost $1500 not including shipping to this rock in the ocean.

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