Let's Go Local Island Food Community of Pohnpei Run and Plant

The Island Food Community of Pohnpei run, walk, and plant was held on July 7th. The Upward Bound students engaged in their summer program were the largest participating group at the event.

The event included running or walking to a location to plant local plants in support of the grow local, eat local efforts of the Island Food Community. Eat right and exercise for life are critically important messages in a nation with epidemic levels of obesity and life style related illnesses.

There were three planting locations, the first of which was at the Pohnpei State Legislature.

The second planting location was at Ohmine school in Kolonia.

Volunteers manned water stops along the route.

The third planting location was along the causeway. The morning was a beautiful, sunny morning. Tools for planting and plants were pre-positioned at each location. Teams of volunteer help made the whole event possible.

Planting at Ohmine school.

A well exercised participant plants his plant along the causeway.

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