Bryo Lyco and Monilophyte presentations

Seedless Vascular Plant presentations including anything categorized in the small, green, often wet, sometimes jelly-like, flowerless macroscopic photosynthesizers.

Venister and AB presenting on Nostoc, a cyanobacteria

The life cycle of a moss, drawing by Keanu.

Salvin explaining the difference between Monilophytes and Lycophytes

Kimbrly explains the life cycle of Lycopodium with a very nicely done drawing.

Tulpe presents lycopodium morphology while Epilette looks on.

Fern morphology

Prileen "Prilynn" covering terrestrial and epiphytic ferns.

Brenda covering frond morphology.

Arlynn pronounces Kosraean fern and fern ally names.

Justin covers Mwoakillese plants names while Difiny looks on.

Bredalyn pronounces plants names in Chuukese, mostly southern Noumeneas with a sprinkling of Mortlockese.


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