Fruit chart

Once again in ethnobotany I attempted the fruit chart exercise. Once again the activity was hindered to some extent by a limited selection of fruit. This term I tried doing the class outside - prior runs of the exercise in the limited space of the lounge meant that half of the class sat on the sofa and in arm chairs and watches two or three others work. Outside provided more space, but saw no improvement in participation. And there isn't enough diversity to make multiple charts.

Jayme, Rosalyn, and Rodman work on the chart

Almost all writing was done by Jayme, Rosalyn, and Rodman

There was input from Rodrigo

Leeron observing

Keona and Lefreeancy, Rodrigo sorting fruit on the right

Melissa and Lefreeancy

Even the students remarked that the result could not be classified as "pretty"

This exercise will need some better development or perhaps redevelopment. Maybe this needs to be converted into a field trip but to where? There are no fruit orchards on Pohnpei per se. No one place many kinds are gathered. A field trip to Saimon's market? Accomplishing what exactly? This is one that will take some re-engineering.


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