Pwunso spice, timber, and gymnosperm walk

The class was treated to a sunny day at the Pohnpei botanic garden at Pwunso.

The coffee cherries are just beginning to ripen. Most are still green.

By next month they will be fully ripe. Coffea robusta perhaps, or maybe C. arabica. I have never been able to confirm the species.

Early arrivals Pelida, Sandralynn, Jade, and Lizleen.

Bus arrival at 3:50, spot on.

Cinnamomum verum. Cinnamon tree.

Pelida, Darion, Sharisey

Kiyoe with Myristica fragrans: nutmeg, Myristica fragrans

This term the division acquired an anvil pruner that proved exceptionally capable at cutting the nutmeg nuts cleanly.

The key was the toothed brass anvil which ably gripped the slippery nuts.

Walking back to the kauri pines, Johsper, Kimsky, and Megan.

Agathis lanceolata: kauri pine.

Pelida and Sandralynn, usually upfront and engaged with the class. Toward the back the less engaged.

Sharisey, Reinhardt Jr., Darion, Shanaleen, Jamie. 

Kira and Rennie Glen in front of Eucalyptus deglupta

Photo op in front of the painted gum tree. Darion, Kiyoe, Kira, Sharisey, Rennie Glen, and Megan Ruth.

A fuller list of the plants seen is in the textbook.


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