Acceleration of gravity

On Wednesday I covered the point-to-point change in velocity for the accelerating RipStik. I used that as a platform to reveal the slope of quadratic and then move on to show the time squared divided by two transformation that provides the acceleration as the slope.

This progression sets up laboratory three's dual graphs and the slope as the acceleration of gravity as the slope of the transformed data. The mathematics of transformations obscures some of the direct comprehensibility of the laboratory, but brings the mathematics down to the level of linear relationships.

Lexus drops and times

Ashly dropping and timing from 300 cm

Ashly dropping from 400 cm

Vandecia holds the meter stick while Diane times and drops

Anster, Josey, and Yuta gathering data

Glenn, Michelle Olter, and Nagsia gather their data

Misko  drops from 300 cm 


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