Gymnosperm spice timber presentations

After a field trip to see gymnosperms, spice trees, and timber trees, the SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany class students gave presentations on the plants of the Pwunso botanic garden. The following is effectively a photo essay.
Jamie Paul lectures on the characteristics of gymnosperms

Lina Lawrence covers the life cycle of a cycad

Gordon Loyola covers the life cycle of a pine

Pine life cycle

Petery Peter and Stephanie Usiel present on the leaf types for gymnosperms: needles, strap shape, fronds, and awl shaped.

Gymnosperm leaf morphology

Lerina Nena and Kohsak Keller Jr. report on the layers of a dicot stem

Outer bark, phloem, cambrium, xylem

Darleen Charley speaks on the first appearance of the angiosperms about 130 million years ago

Herpelyn Ilon continues coverage including examples of monocots and dicots

Esmirelda Elias: distinguishing monocots from dicots

A well done drawing distinguishing between monocots and dicots.

Alexander Kenrad covered the life cycle of an angiosperm with a textbook quality diagram that had been hand painted

A phenomenally well done diagram!

Bryan Wichep spoke on the uses of Allspice

John Yilbuw covered cacao

Simon Augustine presented Cinnamomum versum

Miki Fritz and the use of cloves

Patty Mario with her detailed coverage of Coffea arabica

Including kopi luwak.

Elizabeth Augustine read the benefits of nutmeg

Daryll Keller lectured the board on uses of the timber tree Araucaria

Beverly Billy explains uses of Eucalyptus deglupa, the rainbow gum tree, or as she called it, the "naked tree" as it looks like a tree which lost its bark

Another beautifully done and colored diagram

Lilina Etson tackled the toughest assignment, researching the uses of kauri pine.


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