Lubuntu 13.10 FujiFilm FinePix XP 100 photo importing

On a clean install of Lubuntu 13.10 with all updates I was having difficulty importing photos from a FujiFilm FinePix XP 100 digital camera via the USB cable. Shotwell would invariably fail part way through the import. This was puzzling as Shotwell would start the import, but fail after a few dozen photos.

Based on a various information cobbled together from on line sources I installed gthumb using the Lubuntu software installer and gphoto2 along with gphotoFS using Synaptic. While I have no idea whether gphoto2 and gphotoFS were part of the fix, gthumb imported all photos quickly and cleanly. Importing photos onto my Lubuntu rig has been problematic for a couple of years now - partially prompting the clean install of 13.10 in the first place.

I did look at Digikam, but that means loading KDE and the updates that go with KDE updates. Prior to the 13.10 install I had KDE apps including Digikam on the Lubuntu rig, but my preference at present is to avoid K packages. DigiKam was more package than I needed, GIMP 2.8 being my "go to" editing program.

The same basic logic dissuaded me from installed F-Spot as F-Spot requires the Mono framework. gthumb is simple and clean, in keeping with the Lubuntu philosophy of lighter, simpler, faster.

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