Force, Pulleys, Heat Conduction, Hide n Seek

As an introduction to force, mass, and acceleration I rigged a two kilogram hung from a pulley to accelerate me on my RipStik inside the classroom. With more space, a smoother floor, and a more substantial rig this would have worked rather well. The distances were too short, and my ability to time the acceleration was limited. The rig was also not built to do what I wanted the rig to do - I was using a laboratory pulley and light line. The rig felt insubstantial. The concept is good, the execution needs improvement.

The pulley data was generally linear and led to a good laboratory. The pulley laboratory feels superior to the bilinearity of the elastic band lab.

There appear to be issues, however, with the thirty year old spring scales. The efficiency on the single line system exceeded 100%. Some of this might have been a zero point issue - zeroing the scales, but some of this was simply the aging scales.

Judy holds the spring scale, Joana adjusts the load

Keithann records data

Rose Ann and TJ determine the change in temperature for the room temperature bath in laboratory six, heat conduction.

Jeff presents his group's chart proposal for the heat conductivity lab. After the students work in pairs to gather the data, they form larger groups to discuss chart options. Then each larger group presents their chart choice to the class.

TJ explaining the choices his group made.

Trishia and Daisy waiting for heat to conduct from the hot bath to the room temperature bath

Gunwich explains the chart design for the group he participated in

My hiding spot for fall 2012 - on the slope to the south of the gym, down in the tall grass

First to find me was Trishia, with Jeff close behind her holding the GPS. TJ and Rose Ann were only meters away when Trishia called out that I was found. Two groups passed within ten meters of my position but did not see me.

Emily, attached to a group that had passed a few meters north of my position. The group wound up in the tall grass to the west of my location.

Those who not only did not find me but who were no where even close to the correct coordinates.

LoriAnn accesses Google Earth through the browser interface. Google Earth is not installed on the new computers, many students found they could access it through Google maps.

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