Saladin dual pane file manager

The extended temporary loss of ADSL at home has forced me back to using a USB key to synch critical files. I abandoned xplorer2 years ago because the program stealth altered the search behavior of FireFox.  Looking for a dual pane file manager with synch capacity led me to look at Double Commander. I could not learn how to get Double Commander to handle synch chores, but Saladin was a quick easy learn with an interface that is better integrated into Windows 7.

The package is small with the 64 bit Win 7 version only a 4.9 Mb download. The files highlighted in red above were selected using Control-Shift-M directory level comparison. The red represents the newer files, a drag and drop brings the USB drive in I: into synch with the hard drive copies.

As the other unit to be synched is Lubuntu 12.04, I tried Tux Commander but it would not launch. A note in the reviews suggests Tux Commander has problems with 12.04. I then found that Gnome Commander ably did the job as a very capable dual pane file manager. Both are in the Lubuntu 12.04 repositories.


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