Synaptic under Lubuntu

With the shift to the smaller memory footprint Lubuntu distribution in the mathematics and science laboratory, some of the computers no longer have the Ubuntu Software Center that accompanied the Ubuntu distributions running the Unity desktop.

The software center could be re-installed, but for the demi-power user the Synaptic Package Manager  provides more control with an easy to navigate and comprehend interface.

The Synaptic Package Manager is under system tools under Lubuntu 11.10 and earlier versions.

The package manager is password protected.

Click on Search in the top center to start a software search. Note that in this blog one can click on any image to enlarge that image.

The search term will hit in both package titles and package descriptions. Variations can by useful. The above search will not turn up Lybniz because the word graphing does not appear in the description. For Lybniz, the words mathematical and graph do appear, both will hit individually or in combination.

Above the graphmonkey package has been selected by clicking on the package title, this pulls up a description as seen above. The Get Screenshot button yields a screenshot.

Clicking on the package check box allows one to mark the package for installation.

 Synaptic handles all dependencies and selects the necessary dependent packages.

After clicking on Mark, choose Apply from the Synaptic tool bar. Synaptic will proceed to download all of the packages. This is best done during off hours due to bandwidth constraints if the packages are many and/or large.

Note that the screenshot application for GNOME (gnome-screenshot), a graphical user interface (GUI) screen capture program is also not included by default in Lubuntu. SCROT, for SCReenshOT was used to grab the above screenshots. Again, one could install the gnome-screenshot, but even with the GUI I usually headed for the terminal to issue an easily repeated sequence of gnome-screenshot commands.

Some of the SCROT commands used to grab screen shots can be seen above. Issue a man scrot to read all about this capable tool. Output was switched to JPG using the extension, a default compression of 75% was used.

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